Bulls: A Town Like No Udder

via Bulls: A Town Like No Udder

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5 Responses to Bulls: A Town Like No Udder

  1. the signs are just fabulous!!!!

  2. b9k9 says:

    Thank you, that was entertaining. Ninnie the bestest Maremma in the Queen’s Land and her BC sis say hello and are asking how Nellie, Itai and young Snowy are doing? We are all good here, its very cold but we’ve grown extra fur to keep warm although for some reason my scribe seems to be losing fur on top rather than growing it, even though it’s winter. My sis Pip and I are puzzled about this. We’ve missed your Maremma adventure and mischief stories although we understand. We hope you are all well, happy woofs from Ninnie.

  3. Kismet says:

    And when you get punched in the face by one of them, is it a Bulls hit?

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