History Repeats

See the 200 hectare paddock (495 acres)

Hello world, it’s me the Snowy dog. No sooner had mummy posted a blog about me and Nellie’s adventures, we did it again. This time mummy and daddy were much quicker to realise that we had gone.  Somehow we managed to disappear between leaving the front of the house and arriving at the back of the house where mummy was waiting.

They were on their way down to Farmer Rae’s kiwifruit orchard, to try and find us, when mummy just happened to glance over the newly planted corn fields and what should she spy? Why two little white specks, far in the distance.

See me and Nellie.

See daddy heading off to get us back.

Going home

At home

Maybe, I should stay home with Itai. He is a good dog and never goes walkabout.

Love the Snowy dog.

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The Sorceress’s Apprentice

Hello world, it’s me the Snowy dog.  I am settling down here at Chez Jasper.  I am getting bigger.  Daddy weighed me and I am now 20 kgs (44 pounds)  Not bad for a four-month old puppy.


Me and Nellie are becoming great friends.  Why, just last Thursday night we went on an adventure.  All by ourselves.  After our evening dinner, while mummy and daddy were giving Itai a brush, we took off down to Farmer Rae’s orchard to do some rabbit hunting.  At first it was fun, chasing all those rabbits, but then it started to get dark.  I am a little puppy and I don’t like the dark.  It makes me scared, so after 87 3 hours I started to go home, but it was dark and the orchard is so far away from home.   So I ran towards the lights, but I couldn’t get through the fence.  So I began barking to let mummy and daddy know I wanted to come home.  Of course, they were so very pleased to see me.  For some reason, Nellie got into trouble. Something about being a bad dog and leading a poor little innocent puppy into trouble.   They are keeping a close eye on us both, just to make sure we don’t go off on another adventure.

Me back with my daddy.

Me and Nellie in the sunshine.

See you all soon.  Love from the bestest snowy maremma in all the land.

See a destuffed toy. Nothing to do with me.





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Snowy’s World

Hello World.  It’s me – The Snowy dog.  I am good.  I am cute. I am here.   Sister asked mummy to write a blog to show  adorable photos of me. Belive me, I am the cutest maremma puppy around here.  The fact I am the only puppy around here is irrelevant.  I am settling in well and have made friends with Nellie and Itai.



For some reason, mummy will not let me chase play with these little brown creatures that also live here.  She says that is naughty dog behaviour.

Speaking of naughty dog behaviour, daddy looked up and found me on the window seat in the front living room.

Who me?

And mummy found me on the couch with my bone the other day.

But I am still the bestest puppy in all the land.  Be back soon.  Love Snowy dog.

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A Puppy Playdate

Hello World. It is me: The Snow. I am here. I am the bestest puppy in all the land, or so my mummy and daddy tell me. I am good. I am so cute.

Me in the car.

Today, I had my first puppy adventure. I went in a car to see my doggy cousin called Sketer. He is a mini pincsher. While he is older than me, I am bigger than him.  I was a good dog. It was not me, who poohed on the rug.  It was S.O.D. (SomeOtherDoggy)  Even I, a little puppy have heard whispers of the existence of this legendary dog, who gets all good dogs into trouble.

See, here is me playing. Mummy said it was very difficult to get a photo with the two of us in it, as we were running around so quickly.  Then, mummy left me for 87 hours, an hour, while she went to a meeting.  When she returned, her aunt said the I was so good and I would be welcomed back anytime.  When I got some, I was such a tired little puppy that I put myself to bed until dinner time.

Love Snow.  For some reason, mummy keeps calling me “No”.  My name is Snow, not No.  Methinks she is confused.


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A Small Puppy and his Bone

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Flakey Snow

Hi all, it’s me – Nellie. Well, this Snow has been with us for nearly a week and I can say I am not happy with this leapy, bouncing creature that keeps on annoying me by assisting on playing with me.  For some reason, mummy and daddy are enamoured with this creature.  They pick him up and play with him and laugh when he does something stupid (which is most of the time).  Mummy swears he is getting bigger by the day.

Young and old

Me, I like to keep my distance and growl whenever this creature comes too close to me. Daddy says soon I will get used to him and maybe even play with him.  I don’t think so. After all he is not my beloved Jasper.

What do loyal readers think about this creature?  Love Nellie, Itai and creature Snow.

Snow meeting a baby goat.

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Greetings.  At the risk of giving you all an overdose of Snow, mummy has been very restrainted in her selection of photos.

Here goes……………

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Snow Preparations

Hi. It’s Me – Nellie here.  For some reason this was appeared in the corner of the kitchen.  Mummy says it is a doggy bed, but it not  either of our beds. We wonder whose it is?  We are most perplexed. And just for another added clue.

From the two bestest maremmas in all the land.

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Snow is Coming

Itai in the sunshine. See no Snow!!

Hello world.  It’s me – Nellie.  Me and Itai are somewhat perplexed.  For a week now, we have been hearing talk of Snow coming.  Now as you all know We live in the sunny Mangamahu valley and it has only snowed here once in many year and that was back in 2011.


So, we do not understand this talk of Snow.  What can it mean?  Mummy says that our lives will never be the same when this Snow arrives on Saturday.  She says We have to be good dogs and be nice to this Snow.  She has even been doing some tidying up by removing all the assorted shoes and gumboots off from the deck, where they have been abandoned, neatly left.  She says Snow will chew anything and everything in its path. How can this be?  Can you see why we are confused.

Me and Itai getting some love and attention from daddy.

Oh well, no doubt all will be revealed soon.  Meanwhile, it is time for our mid-afternoon snooze, to be followed by our pre-dinner nap.

Love Nellie and Itai.

A magpie, mummy saw this afternoon collecting maremma fur for its nest.

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Missing Jasper

The last photo taken of Jasper with Itai.

Greetings. It’s me – Nellie.  Life is still very sad around here, since Jasper went to the Rainbow Bridge.  Mummy is slowly getting used to not having a great furry git following her around the house and garden.  She says sometimes she thinks she sees a glimpse of a big white dog out of the corner of her eye but then realises she is mistaken. Me and Itai don’t seem to want to do much of anything now.  Mummy and daddy say it is very quiet and how they miss the barking.

While we all miss Jasper, there is talk of another doggy joining us here at Chez Jasper.  A puppy!!  Mummy says the new puppy will be good and kind.  The new puppy will not bark and escape. The new puppy will not chew the furniture, shed fur all over the carpet, always let mummy groom him and never get on the couch/bed.

Love Nellie and Itai, the two bestest maremmas in all the land.

Getting Daddy love.


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